Yusuf Gaston
Nobody transforms into a giant snake like Yusuf!


The Frollo Show



Power Level



Los no Frollos, The Arabian Bros

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Achmed Frollo, Gwonam, Jafar

First Appearance

Frollo Tries to Get Laid

Latest Appearance

Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

Originally Dubbed by

Reda El Wakil



Yusuf Gaston is the Arabian cousin of Gaston, debuting as a major villain in The Frollo Show.


Yusuf, like his French cousin, is very boastful, even having the same catchphrase as him: "No one [insert action with subject here] like Yusuf!" Like Gaston, whenever he thinks of an idea, a lightbulb would appear over his head, and he would say what he knows that should be done. He hates the Americans as much as Achmed Frollo does.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yusuf, along with Jafar, fights most of Achmed Frollo's battles. He can transform into a giant snake. In his snake form, his main weakness is Samuel L. Jackson. He is also shown to wield an gold war hammer in the final battle.


Yusuf has the exact same appearance as Gaston with the addition of a white turban.


Achmed FrolloEdit

Yusuf is Achmed Frollo's right-hand man of The Arabian Bros and bro. While they haven't met before "Frollo Tries to Get Laid", they soon bond and become the best of bros. So close, in fact, that Achmed feels remorseful after Frollo kills Yusuf. Later, when Achmed gets eaten by a flying shark spawned by Garbage Guy, Yusuf decides to sacrifice his life to join in with his bro instead of being rescued by Gwonam.

Jafar, Gwonam, and UmlautEdit

All of the members of The Arabian Bros treat each other with respect, but Yusuf's specific relationships with the other members are unknown. Yusuf does get creeped out when Jafar hits on a zombified Panty, though.


Like the rest of his terrorist brothers, Yusuf develops a hatred for Achmed's French cousin, even joining Los no Frollos to plot out tactics for revenge.

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