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Yume Graffiti/Dream Graffiti (2010)



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Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

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Frollo Finally Does It



Yomika is the main character in the Yume Nikki fangame Yume Graffiti. She appears in the Frollo Show as an ally.


Much like Madotsuki, she is silent and has fucked up dreams where she encounters strange creatures.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Like Madotsuki, she can use her Effects from her Dream World. She can use the Long Hair Effect to make her hair grow to attack and capture opponents, the Kingfisher effect for her to fly, the Tengu Effect for her to fly and attack with a spear, the Sand Effect for her to crawl under the ground, and the Halo/Angel Hoop Effect to attract opponents to her. Very briefly, she used the Dragon Effect to uppercut Gwonam with the orb, ironically not how it was used in the game.

Also like Madotsuki, her powers seem to increase when traumatic events jeopardize her psyche. She can also affect the Wilfmension if she is traumatized enough.


She is about Madotsuki's age and size, also having her eyes always closed, however she has pale skin, shaggy blue hair that covers up her left eye, a green buttoned jacket and a gold-brown skirt. She has no foot-wear.

Yomika originally had her gameplay sprites as her appearance, but in the Friends Story of Frollo Finally Does It, she shifted to an amalgamation of Oudn's official art and fan-art, shortly before she died. Yomika's clothes aren't changed, but she now has her eye open.


Madotsuki, Ib, Garry, and IreneEdit

Yomika is often seen with all four of them, however Yomika has teamed up with Madotsuki and Ib often such as Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents - THE GRAND FINALE and Frollo Enters A Mexican Contest. However it is hard for them to interact properly since the first two are silent. Yomika also did the signature Bro Pose with Madotsuki in Frollo Beats Up Evil ResidentsFrollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, and the end of the Friends Story of Frollo Finally Does It.

Yomika's death greatly impacted Madotsuki, allowing her to boost her powers.

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