Yakuza Gaston
Yakuza Gaston
No one organizes like Yakuza!


Leet Fighters



Power Level



Yakuza Phones

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Jung Frollo (maybe)

First Appearance

Leet Fighters Episode 5: "Conflictive Contest"

Latest Appearance

Leet Fighters Episode 5: "Conflictive Contest"

Originally Dubbed by

Matsumoto Saiji



Yakuza Gaston is the Japanese cousin of Gaston, debuting as a minor character in Leet Fighters. He runs a smartphone company called Yakuza Cellphones.


Not much is known about his personality, but it looks like it's the same that his cousins. He's very boastful, even having the same catchphrase as Gaston: "No one [insert action with subject here] like Yakuza!", he's also a card, very miserly and doesn't appear to show interest for his cousin's death.

Yakuza is the person responsible for organizing Gaston's funeral in Frollo Sees Dead People, inviting people with a valid bank account and charging them an entry fee. It's also stated that any owner of his smartphones must pay ¥1500 after a free trial for a smartphone game.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yakuza apparently has no powers in Leet Fighters.


Yakuza has the exact same appearance as Gaston with the addition of a pair of sunglasses with round lenses.



Apparently, Yakuka doesn't show interest in his cousin's death, taking advantage for sell phones in his funeral.

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