A Wilford octopus is one of Wilford Brimley's creations. It is a monstrous cephalopod-like Wilford clone. Its head is composed of Wilford heads with a large mouth in the center filled with sharp teeth. It is armed with eight appendages.

A single Wilford octopus appears in part 1 of Frollo Finally Does It. When Frollo and his allies enter the caves of a mountain in the Wilfmension, they try to break Madotsuki's psyche to reveal Wilford's location. One punch to Madotsuki's face later, and the dimension shifts to grayscale, revealing this abomination. It is one of the more powerful foes the heroes have faced so far, being able to stop Marco Antonio Regil's A CAR attack and swiftly overwhelm Stocking, Ayumu Aikawa, and Yomika with its arms. It can also instantly regenerate its arms after they're sliced off and disable certain moves like Frollo's Teleport.

It is defeated when Marco and Mark work together and make the mountain collapse, crushing it underneath the debris. It still refuses to admit defeat by trying to take Frollo along to its death, but Lemongrab slices off the arm and saves Frollo, at the cost of Lemongrab's life.

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