A Wilford bird is a special type of Wilford clone. It is an aerial being that has Wilford Brimley's face on it, but with one visible eye and another covered by an eyeglass, a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth, and two large eyes near its feet resembling an owl's eyes.

This aerial fiend makes an early appearance in the Frollo Story part of Frollo Finally Does It, and makes its actual debut in the Friends Story part, where it's given a face reveal. It kidnaps Madotsuki and forces the heroes to chase after it. The Wilford bird can let loose a screeching scream, which can also alert other Wilford birds. They can spawn tentacles and form them together to create sharp talons that can impale people and feed on emotions. Wilford birds typically dwell in dark places, such as caves, and they can sleep upside down like bats.

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