Wilford's dimension
Of course, it only makes sense... this place was built with her emotions. She's the second owner of this place...


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Frollo Finally Does It

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Frollo Finally Does It

Wilford's dimension, or the Wilfmension, is the alternate dimension created by Wilford Brimley after absorbing Madotsuki's sorrows and ascending to godhood. It is currently the main setting in Frollo Finally Does It.


The newly-born dimension is a barren wasteland that resembles the planet Mars. It is filled with cliffs, hills, and sand dunes, and its denizens mostly comprise of Wilford clones and other creations. The main place of attraction is the giant mountain decorated with tablets from the Mural World. Inside the mountain, a Wilford octopus and a monochrome creature dwell there. The former can only be revealed through Madotsuki's sadness, while the latter traps Fegelein and Mephiles in darkness, thanks to Fegelein shooting it with a sniper rifle. More mountains appear later, and Wilford birds are seen inhabiting in them.

There's also an organic evil hideout, known as World Taste, where Panty is kept hostage and most of the events are viewed from a mouth-like jumbotron. The exact location of the hideout is currently unknown, but it appears that it can be easily entered into via portals that Wilford creates.

A tower-like structure appears in Part 4 of Frollo Finally Does It, where the heroes are captured. It resembles the interior of a theater where Wilford puts on shows to his clones.

Since this dimension is created from Madotsuki's depression, the only thing that can aid the heroes to find Wilford is breaking the poor wreck even more. If she is traumatized enough, Yomika can also affect the dimension as well. Some parts of the ground can also only be revealed by breaking Madotsuki's psyche, as there's a bottomless white void below.


  • A stage based off World Taste appears in Smash Bros Lawl, where the mouth monitor used to show the progress of Frollo and his allies instead plays various clips from The Frollo Show. The official name for it and Wilford's Dimension were revealed during Mary's moveset video.