The PITy
The pity
"You two should just get your own pit"


The Frollo Show



First Appearance

Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does It

The PITy is a cauldron installed by Los no Frollos at the base of Frollo's House to dispose of Frollo's allies without having to kill them.


The PITy is a large cauldron with the symbol of Los no Frollos and the words "The PITy" painted on it. The members of the organization attempt to throw as many of Frollo's allies in here so they don't have to kill them, as they only want to get Frollo. There's apparently no easy way out of the cauldron, and it can probably store more people than it looks.

The people currently trapped in here don't seem to really care about being taken out of the battle. They have also formed a friendship among themselves, with only one being initially hostile.

However, not all members of Los no Frollos are very big on using the PITy. The Dominus, for example, prefers to sadistically kill everyone in his way (which earns him Stocking's ire).

It was destroyed by Bleemo in Frollo Finally Does it (The PITy Story).


In order of who fell in first: