"Beata Maria, you know I will mindfuck the viewer!"

The Frollo Show is a YouTube series created by Chincherrinas that focuses on Frollo and Gaston being silly and carefree, also meeting a lot of people in the meanwhile, slowly changing the lives of everyone involved.


In 2011, the YouTube Poop Frollo Faps to a Firefighters Calendar was released because Chincherrinas wanted to make a Youtube Poop starring Frollo. The reception was positive, and more episodes began popping up, slowly creating a storyline.

After Frollo Sees Dead People, the series merged as its own independent series away from the YouTube Poop format. It evolved into an actual show with conflicting plots and proper character interactions and development. It is still growing strong after 5 years.


The Frollo Show has been given much positive feedback in the YouTube community, even though people still mistake the series as a YouTube Poop. The episodes before Frollo Sees Dead People are placed amongst some of the best Frollo YouTube Poops by many (Poops like Gaston and Frollo Get a Life, Frollo Opens a Catholic Church, ect.). The modern Frollo Show has been praised for its edits, jokes, and storyline.

Parodies and tributes, like this one[1] and this one [2] were made in honor of the series.

Series' CreationsEdit

The Frollo Show also took to the creative route in intoducing certain unique aspects, like The Bros Pose and the Cousin characters. For more information on both, please visit their respective pages.


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The series revolves around characters from multiple medias, like movies (Frollo, Gaston), anime (Panty Anarchy & Stocking Anarchy), television (Jaime Maussan, Marco Antonio Regil), video games (Silver the Hedgehog, Mephiles the Dark) and others. Sometimes, custom characters (Bleemo, Achmed Frollo) are created.


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Before Frollo Sees Dead People, the episodes were in the YouTube Poop format, using an abundance of random jokes. Afterwards, they became more story driven. The series is currently in its 1st season with 17 episodes (20 videos total; the Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents saga takes up 5 videos).


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Like the characters, the locations are taken from various matching medias and include countries such as France, Germany, Mexico, Arabia, Japan, and the Roman Empire.


  • The Frollo Show has taken the spot as Chincherrinas' favorite series, surpassing Leet Fighters and Lawl.
  • In Chincherrinas' filler video, "Palpatine Speedrun in 6:66.66 [WR]," there is a multi-second message claiming that The Frollo Show will end in 2019.

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