"I know! The Frollo Show!"

The Frollo Show is a channel granted to Frollo for saving The United States from Achmed's nuclear missile in Frollo Saves The World. It is run by Frollo and Gaston, and they talk about Frollo's pin collection.

By answering one of the questions incorrectly during the trivia bit of Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, the viewer is presented with a strange video featuring Ronald McDonald, which then proceeds to show a few newspaper articles, narrating some of the events that ocurred in past episodes in an in-universe point of view. One of them is the history of The Frollo Show, which is apparently the show the characters refer to in the series when talking about it.


The show, hosted by Frollo and Gaston and scriptwritten by the latter (because he is the decision maker between the two bros, according to Frollo himself), is about the bros talking about a pin collection that Frollo owns. The channel UHF 62, in which the show is transmitted, was granted to the hero when he came back from Hell after his death in Frollo Saves The World by the President of the United States as thanks for saving the country.

After Frollo's suicide when told by his producer that they would need to replace Gaston with Ashton Kutcher, Kutcher and the producer were arrested, and interest on controlling the channel began to surface, especially from Panty and Stocking, and Wilford Brimley.

After the events of Frollo Misses his Mother, the show was back to its rutinary schedule of pin collection talking, much to the American populace's chagrin, as apparently not many people liked the show (at least Kronk did). The president even declared that if the channel is seized again, it's not going back to Frollo, instead going to a person that "looks like Weird Al Yankovic".


  • "UHF channel 62" is a clear reference of Weird Al Yankovic's film UHF, even down to the president's plan to sell it to a guy that "looks like him".