Thunder Hawk
T. Hawk
"If you pull that trigger and kill someone here... the police will getcha... for homicide."


Street Fighter cartoon (1995)



Power Level



Neutral (so far)

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Marco Antonio Regil

First Appearance

Leet Fighters Ep. 7: Mojado Mexican

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does It (The PITy Story)

Voiced by

Joaquín Cosío



Thunder Hawk is a character from the Capcom fighting game series Street Fighter, and is from the cartoon adaptation, appearing in Leet Fighters as Guile and M. Bison's temporary servant.


T. Hawk is a pacifist, preventing anyone from harming someone else. Despite this, he may fight in certain situations. He and Balrog share a rivalry with each other to see who's the better servant. He also works for someone who pays more, which is part of the business.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

T. Hawk can fly at high speeds, enough to dodge projectiles or arrange shelves. He carries a supply of burrito shells, which can be used as ropes or to catch projectiles. His cleaning and cooking abilities manage to top Balrog's.


T. Hawk has a muscular build with long powerful arms and legs, with slight tan skin and shoulder-length black hair. On his face is a white indigenous-style battle paint. His clothing consists of a denim vest and pants, iron arm bands on his wrists, moccasin boots, and a blue headband with an eagle feather sticking out upwards.


Guile and M. BisonEdit

When T. Hawk arrived at Guile and Bison's apartment, he offered good room service to them by cleaning up large amounts of debris quickly and giving them a statue of Theodore Roosevelt, as well as participating with them in the game show.


Balrog and T. Hawk share a rivalry with each other to see who is the better servant in terms of cleaning or cooking, and the latter aims a potshot towards the former. 

Marco Antonio RegilEdit

After serving Guile and Bison, T. Hawk decides to leave them and work with Marco Antonio Regil because he pays more. They're even bros, as demonstrated by their Bros Pose at the end of the episode.

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