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Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was the notorious totalitarian dictator of the Soviet Union from 1924 until his death in 1953. The real life version of him appears as a major villain in The Frollo Show.


Stalin, like in real life, is cold and bitter, showing his slaves no mercy and forcing them into stressful labor. He spreads his glory through pictures of himself nearly everywhere.


Stalin wears a suit and a commissar cap and has a large mustache. He appears in black and white, as he is sourced from various photographs and his speech about the Nazi Party's invasions on November 7, 1941. He is the only character in the series to be in monochrome.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite his looks, Stalin seems to be an experienced fighter. His main power is cryokinesis, and is able to form ice structures at his own will. These are usually hardened and sharp enough to pierce easily through human flesh. 


Dmitri FrolloEdit

Dmitri is a loyal servant to Stalin, as he possibly preserved his corpse before reanimating him to prevent death. Stalin shows no bitterness towards his trusted minion, and are in fact bros, contrasting Hitler's relationship with Hans Frollo.


Like in real life, Stalin made Hitler and Nazis as major enemies of the communists. However, due to their hatred of Frollo (being far greater than their hatred against each other) and willingness to conquer France, they form a truce and work cooperatively at Los no Frollos.

Frollo and GastonEdit

To Stalin, Frollo and Gaston are slaves to the communists. He developed a hatred of Gaston after Gaston made him and Dmitri retreat from France with his Egg Blaster, which may be the reason for him joining Los no Frollos in the first place.

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