Mormon Jesus's ship is a gunship piloted by Mormon Jesus. Its appearance varies between the episodes it appears in.

The ship first appears in Leet Fighters episode "Mojado Mexican". When T. Hawk crosses the border between the United States and Mexico, Mormon Jesus jumps into his ship and chases him. It comes equipped with a cannon on each of its wings that fires spirit people and a targeting system used with a scouter. T. Hawk wrecks the ship with a massive burrito full of Mormon Jesus's own spirit people, causing it to spin out of control and crash into Guile and M. Bison's apartment. T. Hawk then cleans up the wreckage, but Mormon Jesus survived the crash and escaped.

Another ship appears in Frollo Finally Does It, where Mormon Jesus flew to France after discovering some Wilford parasites. This time, it takes the appearance of a fighter jet with a glass-covered cockpit. When Irene, Best Hercules, Silver the Hedgehog, Bleemo, Anakaris, Morrigan, and Demitri explore the deserted streets of Paris, they come across the ship in the sky. The ship uses a magnet to capture Morrigan and Demitri, taking them prisoner along with other people Mormon Jesus captured earlier, and then it tries to kill the others with a missile launcher. Bleemo's interference causes the ship to retreat into Frollo's House. This ship retains its targeting system, but now comes equipped with a hacking system.