CarnEvil is home to the horrifying creatures that dwell in this twisted theme park. Serving as minions to The Arabian Bros alongside the generic zombies in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, they guard the three major attractions of CarnEvil.

Monsters Edit

Umlaut Edit


Umlaut is a floating jester skull who taunts or gives expository rhymes before the levels begin.

Main article: Umlaut

Krampus Edit


Krampus is a Christmas folklore character who punishes misbehaving children, found in the Christmas-themed ice rink, serving as the boss of Rickety Town. He has the appearance of a giant Santa Claus with a blue costume instead of red, four braids on his beard, reindeer antlers on his head and hat, long claws, and ice skating boots with spikes on them. He is the first major guardian Frollo, Gaston, and Panty face. In the end, Frollo easily defeats Krampus with a headshot by the Golden Gun.

Eyeclops Edit


Eyeclops is a sword-wielding two-headed cyclops with multiple eyes all over his body, guarding the Chamber of Horrors of the Freak Show. Nothing much is shown about him here, as Frollo lacked patience and skipped his way to the end of the Freak Show via Gameshark.

Junior Edit


Junior is a gargantuan Frankenstein's monster-esque infant that guards the Freak Show. During Frollo's battle with the disturbing creation, he retreats to the giant doll house, where Junior rips off the roof and pukes over him. Frollo is saved by the timely arrival of Ayumu Aikawa, who defeats the baby with a powerful kick to the head.

Evil Marie Edit

Evil Marie

Evil Marie is the ghoul who lost and reclaimed her head, being a parody of Marie Antoinette. She guards the Haunted House, and is the last boss faced before Frollo and Ayumu storm the Big Top. Through the battle, she attacks the duo with her axe and teleports in the field, yet she meets her demise when Ayumu uppercuts her and sends her flying on a fountain, impaling her.

Trivia Edit

  • The only major monster of CarnEvil that was absent during Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents is Hambone, the miniboss of the Haunted House, likely due to Frollo cheating via Gameshark.
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