During the events of Frollo Finally Does It, Frollo and his allies encounter a monochrome creature in the Wilfmension. The creature appears to be a fusion between the floating heads in the White Desert and the Henkei Shita, both from Yume Nikki. It has a large eye on the upper portion of the body and a large gaping maw with sharp teeth on its stomach, with blood coming from its severed neck.

Madotsuki seems to be the only one to be unafraid of the creature at first, given that the monster is a inhabitant of the Wilfmension, which in turn was created from Madotsuki's sorrows. She seems to have an emotional bond with it, as she was deeply saddened when Fegelein shot the creature with a sniper rifle, triggering her feelings. When the dimension shifts to grayscale due to this, it revives itself and traps Fegelein and Mephiles in darkness with the large stomach mouth before vanishing without a trace.