Marco's Soundstage
Marco soundstage
Aaand on Stage, our host - Marco Antonio Regil!


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Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest

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Frollo Has a Bad Feeling

Marco's soundstage, located at Televisa Studios, Mexico City, is the base of headquarters of Los no Frollos in The Frollo Show.


The soundstage is where Marco Antonio Regil hosts his game shows, such as 100 mexicanos dijeron (a Mexican version of Family Feud) and Altinale al precio (a Mexican version of The Price is Right). Frollo and Gaston participate in one of Marco's game shows in Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest. They troll Marco in his show, resulting in a battle between Marco versus Frollo and Gaston. Marco is defeated by Frollo's allies and is left in his destroyed studio.

Marco, who survives the onslaught, hosts a presentation at Televisa to his fellow Mexicans on how much he hates Frollo. Quintus Lentulus Batiatus is sent there to test Marco's strength, and Marco bests Batiatus in combat. Hades, Corset, and the other inhabitants of Hell arrive to the studio to propose an alliance, forming Los no Frollos. In various scenes, all the villains gather up at the big round table in Marco's studio to discuss their plans.