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 Madotsuki is the main character in the freeware horror RPG game Yume Nikki. She appears in The Frollo Show as an ally.


She is most of the time silent, so she communicates with body movements. However you can get glimpse that she is a good natured girl. She has disturbing dreams that take her on journeys where she encounters strange creatures and is given extraordinary powers. Madotsuki stays consistently silent until Frollo Finally Does It, where she is seen whispering into Kneesocks' and Stocking's ears (though no dialogue is audible).

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Madotsuki's powers usually consist of the Effects in her dreams, usually the Witch and Knife effects. She can fight back quite well demonstrated by the numerous times she fought for Frollo.

In Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, she displays an even greater set of extraordinary abilities. She can charge her slashes with energy from the inhabitants of her Dream World for devastating effects, powerful enough to create a time-space vortex when clashed with Stocking's Stripe 1.  

As a last resort, using her combined traumatic experiences, she can create a window to her Dream World, which she used to suck Wilford Brimley and herself in, but it was also the way he snatched her dreams' powers and became a demigod.  

She is the only one who can reveal phased-out Wilford Clones, but only if she is emotionally wounded enough. 


Madotsuki has brown hair tied into two pony tails. She is a small girl with her eyes always closed (though she can still see). She wears a pink sweater with a black-and-white window symbol on the front, a purple skirt and red shoes.

Madotsuki's appearance changed from her in-game sprites to fanart in the Friends Story of Frollo Finally Does It. While most of her clothing stayed the same, she now wears brown shoes with white socks, and her eyes are now open.



Madotsuki is an early friend of Frollo. Frollo has said he will rape her in the first episode, though this was merely a gag (and no longer canon, since the Frollo Cut). Frollo gave her pudding to cheer her up in Frollo Reads Mein Kampf, this didn't amuse her though, and continued being a hikkikomori. It wasn't until the first part of Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, where Frollo and Gaston accidentally crashed in her room, and with the sole presence of their awesome and passionate fight, inspired Madotsuki to go out and live life, even inviting Yomika to follow the duo all the way to Paris. Since then, Madotsuki has fought for him on many occasions such as in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents - THE GRAND FINALE and Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest. She has also appeared at his party and comfort him when he was worried about his dream.

When Frollo accidentally killed Yomika, Madotsuki appears to turn on Frollo, and tries to kill him.

Yomika, Ib, Garry and IreneEdit

Madotsuki is often seen with all four of them, though Madotsuki has teamed up with Yomika and Ib more often, such as in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents - THE GRAND FINALE and Frollo Enters A Mexican Contest. Even though the first two are silent, they get along very well. Madotsuki also did the signature Bros Pose with Yomika in Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, and the end of the Friends Story of Frollo Finally Does It.

Ib's and Yomika's respective deaths greatly affected her, allowing her to boost her powers.

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  • Madotsuki wielding a rifle is a possible reference to the game Yume Nikki Soul Dream.
  • After Madotsuki's artstyle changed, she is currently the last horror RPGMaker character to have an updated appearance.
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