Los no Frollos (translated The no Frollos) is the main antagonist organization in The Frollo Show. The group is based off the No-Homers Club from The Simpsons episode "Homer the Great". It starts out with Marco Antonio Regil forming the actual organization, and then Hades, Corset, and the other inhabitants of Hell, who had a smaller, but similar alliance, join it. The rest join by convincing the existing members, getting reccomended by others, or by simply tagging along. All of its members share one common goal: to destroy Frollo.


Operation "Flushy Fight"Edit

Operation "Flushy Fight" was the original plan to humiliate Frollo on his birthday. The plan was pretty in-depth (because Stocking devised it).

  1. Hitler steals Kronk's spinach puffs before Kronk serves them to the guests.
  2. Batiatus disguises himself as a pizza man and drops off "Dominu's Pizza" by the door, where Kronk purchases it. The pizza is lined with beans, ready to give anyone who eats it some serious diarrhea.
  3. Frollo eats the pizza and rushes to the bathroom, where Scanty ambushes him.

The plan ultimately fails in the bathroom, mainly because Gaston, Guile, and M. Bison intervened, which causes Kneesocks and Stocking to assist Scanty. Bores and Best Hercules also tried to prove their worthiness by shooting the four, only to unlock the door. Leonidas and Garbage Guy soon call for backup.

Operation "Flashy Fight"Edit

Operation "Flashy Fight" is the follow up plan to Operation "Flushy Fight". Improvised on the spot, this plan involved the other members of Los no Frollos to fight the rest of Frollo's bros.

Unbeknownst to them, Wilford Brimley has his own plan to backstab the organization and achieve power for himself. According to Hitler, Wilford's plan was to feed on Madotsuki's sorrows and to breed with "one of the angels" to become a world-scale menace, forcing Los no Frollos to ally with Frollo's bros to fight the threat.

In a similar vein, Stocking's true intention of leading the group is to prevent the deaths of innocents (instead dropping them into a cauldron called the PITy), as well as priortizing on humiliating Frollo rather than killing him.

Members of Los no FrollosEdit


Major membersEdit

Minor membersEdit


The group's base of operations is located in Marco's Soundstage, where the group was founded and where they hatch up their schemes.