Naturally, The Frollo Show keeps a consistent list of episodes. Some of the episode names range from blatantly explaining what the episode is all about (Frollo Celebrates His Birthday) to having little to no relevance to the episode itself (Frollo Misses His Mother).

Season 1

Frollo Faps to a Firefighters Calendar


Frollo invites Gaston over to his house to drink beer. Hilarity ensues.

Frollo Strikes Back


Frollo visits his Japanese Cousin Jung Frollo. Frollo wants to become a Meme on Know Your Meme.

Frollo Saves The World


Achmed Frollo threatens to nuke the Unites States. Frollo must stop him.

Frollo Reads Mein Kampf


Hans Frollo revives Adolf Hitler, who plans to take over France (again). Can Frollo and Gaston save their country?

Frollo Gets AIDS


Stalin invades France. Frollo goes to Daten City, where Stocking falls in love with him.

Frollo Sees Dead People


Frollo goes to Hell to meet up with a dead Gaston. They decide to have a little fun with Hades. Meanwhile, Wilford Brimley takes over the show.

Frollo Misses his Mother


Frollo and Gaston try to fight off Scanty and Kneesocks while trying to return back to Earth.

Frollo Tries to Get Laid


Frollo, seeking Panty's affection, fights her 1001 evil exes. Meanwhile, Achmed Frollo and the Terrorists plan a devastating plot.

Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents


The first saga. Frollo fights Gaston for Panty's love. Soon, the Terrorists unleash a Zombie apocalypse in the form of CarnEvil. The trio must now fight their way to save Paris.

Frollo is Too Young


Yzma and Kronk help Achmed Frollo in concocting a potion that makes Frollo young. The Earl of Lemongrab deems Frollo too young to rule The Frollo Show. Frollo and Gaston must find a way to save the show.

Frollo Gets Interrupted by Hitler


Hitler forms the FFFFFF to find and fuck up the notorious antic master Fegelein.

Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest


Frollo, needing money to pay his Finnish landlord, must enter a Mexican Gameshow hosted by Marco Antonio Regil.

Frollo Fucks the Gods


Frollo and Gaston are sent back to Roman times, where Batiatus throws the two in a colosseum deathmatch.

Frollo Has a Bad Feeling


Frollo anticipates his birthday, while all of his enemies team up to fuck it all up.

Frollo Celebrates his Birthday


It's Frollo's birthday, and everyone is having a good time. Meanwhile, the villains plan to humiliate Frollo on his birthday.

Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita


Operation: Flashy Fight goes underway and its time for Frollo and his friends to fight Los no Frollos!

Frollo Finally Does It


Frollo, his allies and his enemies all enter Wilford's Dimension where they search for him and Panty, while defeating his clones and monsters.


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