Leet Fighters's Apartment
"The eggs will be ready in a few more minutes!"


Leet Fighters



First Appearance

Leet Fighters Episode 1: Pickle Pizza Pilot

Latest Appearance

Leet Fighters Episode 7: Mojado Mexican

Leet Fighters' apartment, also called Bannana Boxes, is a very large apartment building, with a neon text in the top that reads "Bannana Boxes". It is the main setting in most episodes of Leet Fighters.


The entrance to the house is a porch with low floor shops around it. The entrance to the house is a hallway to the rooms.

The kitchen has a worktop and a refrigerator with stickers of The Frollo Show, Marco Antonio Regil, The Room and Yakuza Phones. It also has a table with some frames of not only Guile and M. Bison, but also inexplicably the Nostalgia Critic and the Irate Gamer on the walls. The living room has a TV and a couch.

The apartment also has an experiment room with a vigilance system, as seen in "Screwing School" and "Mojado Mexican". Balrog is usually seen working there.