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The Looking Glass (2011)


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Allies, The PITy Crew

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Anakaris, Ib, Garry

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Frollo Has a Bad Feeling

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Frollo Finally Does It



Irene is a girl that appears in the Yume Nikki fan game, The Looking Glass. She appears in The Frollo Show as an ally.


She is a witty, possibly pre-teen girl that responds with confusion about the weird people around her, similar to Garry. However she is much more free spirited and more accepting of it. She also likes smoking weed.

She seems to like being wrapped up, judging by her pleased expression when Corset did so, before throwing her out the window.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like her fellow Dream Sistas, she can use the Effects from the Mirror World. She can use the White Queen Effect to turn into a stone statue, and the Cybot effect, that allows her to fly and shoot energy balls. She also briefly used the Crowbar effect when confronting Mormon Jesus, but wasn't able to use it.


Irene is young looking and has short black hair with brown eyes and a sleeveless brown texture shirt with a pocket on front. She also has black shorts and black sandals.

During Frollo Finally Does It, her appearance is upgraded from in-game sprites to her in-game character portrait.

When using her Cybot effect, she dons a costume similar to that of Marina from the game Mischief Makers.


Madotsuki, Yomika, Ib and GarryEdit

Irene often appears in the group that consists of Madotsuki, Yomika, Ib and Garry, usually tagging along. It wasn't until Bleemo showed that Wilford Brimley ordered Batiatus to murder Ib and Garry brutally that she swore to avenge their deaths and put Wilford on top of her shit list.


During Frollo Celebrates his Birthday, Irene seemed interested in Anakaris' ramblings on stage. She thought they were deep. Then, in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, they were seen fighting together, and when she fell into The PITy, Anakaris was happy to see her, as was Irene.

The PITy CrewEdit

In their time in The PITy, Irene was able to befriend Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, and Silver the Hedgehog. However, Best Hercules wasn't as friendly. When he fell into The PITy, he fought Irene. After he lost miserably, she decided he was alright, and the two became friends.

After the fall of their beloved home, the group were still able to work together and find survivors in order to storm Wilford's Dimension.

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