The Irate Gamer (Chris Bores)
"Your ass is grass now, buddy!"


The Irate Gamer (2007)



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Los no Frollos

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Best Hercules

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Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

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Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

Originally Portrayed by

Himself (Chris Bores or The Bores)



Christopher "Chris" Bores, or the Irate Gamer is the titular protagonist of the YouTube game review show The Irate Gamer (heavily criticized for similarities to the Angry Video Game Nerd). He appears as one of the villains in The Frollo Show.


The Irate Gamer, living up to his name, tends to get pissed off at things that seem overly difficult, which wouldn't have been an issue had it been for someone more professional. He makes terrible jokes that usually backfire on him. Sometimes, he complains about something being too easy, and that also backfires on him. He is also cowardly, as he runs away when he sees all of Frollo's bros arriving to fight.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Irate Gamer carries a Magnavox Odyssey light rifle that takes a while to charge up before releasing a sluggish bullet (made in resemblance to his face) propelled by his stock Particle Illusion explosion effect. Said bullet usually doesn't hit the desired target due to Bores' terrible aim.

Bores also has the Sword of Inferno to give him and allies special powers, including health regeneration and boosting of strength, though the effects don't last for long. He can also summon a flying surfboard to ram into opponents.


Bores is overweight all around his body. He mysteriously changes outfits, mostly to reference Bores' frequent inconsistency. Usually, he wears a blue button-down dress shirt, tan pants, and brown shoes.

Under the effects of the Sword of Inferno, he wears a red button-down dress shirt and jeans.


Best HerculesEdit

When the Irate Gamer joins Los no Frollos, he and Best Hercules immediately become bros. Together, they pose as the laughing stock of all the villains in the show. The duo also plays video games, with Best Hercules trying to help, though miserably, and believing that he did well, which slightly angers the Bores.

Best Hercules did not take the Bores' death well.

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