The Hellrider is a jeep owned by Frollo. It resembles a black Jeep Wrangler with no roof, a machine gun turret armed on the trunk, and the Hellrider's logo replacing the Jeep logo. The frame of the windshield is shaped like Frollo's triangular hat.

The Hellrider made only one appearance in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, where Frollo and Gaston use it to escape Marco Antonio Regil, with Frollo on the wheel and Gaston firing at Marco. Towards the climax of the chase, Marco uses his Scoreboard Aura to try to send the Hellrider careening off a cliff, but quick thinking from Gaston prevents this; he swallows a bunch of grenades to fire a massive rocket-propelled grenade at Marco. It's unknown what happened to the Hellrider after this, as it's last seen toppled over due to the force caused from Gaston launching the grenade.