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Hercules (1997)



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Frollo Sees Dead People

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Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

Hell, or The Underworld, is the place of torture and suffering in the afterlife. Hell is ruled by Hades in both Disney's Hercules and The Frollo Show.


Hell is a subterranean area where the remains of the afterlife are scattered (mostly bones). Hades, the ruler of this place, is usually sitting at his throne somewhere in the pitiful place.

Specific locations include Hades' round table, where the villains have been seen playing cards, a room in which a minion torments people on Earth, and the Rickroll Pit, where souls drift into a damned existance of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up in G-Major². Finally, there's a Sea of Darkness, with a sign stating that anyone whose soul ends up in here will disappear forever, in all shapes or forms.

One time, Frollo ended up in Hell, but befriended Hades, who gave him a second chance at life. In Frollo Sees Dead People and Frollo Misses his Mother, however, Frollo, Gaston, and LeFou stayed in the place and trolled Hades. In the latter episode, the key to jumping out of Hell is to simply take a spring in the afterlife.

Afterwards, Hades prevents the way of leaping back to life by removing the spring from the landing area, which took him some time to notice while fiddling around. Then more time of fiddling passes until he places a spike there, thanks to Corset pointing out plot points. Also, it seems that escaping Hell without using the spring is impossible due to the Hell Guards.

Hell is also the place where Hades, Corset, and other villains plotted out the roots of an anti-Frollo group. Marco Antonio Regil created one first though, so they ended up joining it.



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