Hans Krebs
"My maps!"


Der Untergang/Downfall (2004), Hitler Rants



Power Level

No information


Fatally Fabulously Fegelein Find and Fuck-up Fellowship

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

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First Appearance

Frollo Gets Interrupted by Hitler

Latest Appearance

Frollo Has a Bad Feeling

Originally Portrayed By

Rolf Kaines



Hans Krebs is a Wehrmacht general that hails from Downfall and its gag-subbed parodies, appearing as a minor villain in The Frollo Show.

Personality Edit

Krebs is seen as the brains of the Fatally Fabulously Fegelein Find and Fuck-up Fellowship, planning out Hitler's tactics by simply pointing at maps. He hates it when his maps are touched or destroyed.

Abilities Edit

As stated by Hitler, Krebs is known as "the bunker's most talented map pointer".

Appearance Edit

Krebs has gray hair and wears a gray general uniform.

Relationships Edit

Hitler Edit

Though Krebs' screentime is limited, Hitler tends to abuse him like most of his other minions of the FFFFFF. However, Krebs has undying loyalty to the Führer and will carry out his schemes for him.

Los no Frollos Edit

Krebs has a pseudo-major role in the organization's prior scheme, which involves ordering food at Subway before stopping at Frollo's place, then attacking. Stocking, however, swept aside his scheme, replacing it with her new plan.

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