That was a close one, Ib! Learn to choose your battles!


Ib (2012)


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Ib, Irene

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Frollo Has a Bad Feeling

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Death - Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita
Flashback - Frollo Finally Does It



Garry is the deuteragonist of the freeware horror RPG game Ib. He appears in The Frollo Show as Ib's best friend, and as an ally.


Garry is a scared and feminine man who is confused at most of the situations he's put in. When time arises, he's ready to step into the field of battle and courageously fight.

He's very protective of Ib, and is seen fighting with her numerous times in Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although he doesn't have the ability to use abilities from the Fabricated World like Ib can, he can still stand his own ground.

His only weapon is his lighter, which may be small, but can create streams of fire and shoot fireballs (as seen in a brief background event when he's seen fighting Jafar with Ib).


Garry is skinny and tall with pale skin, shaggy light purple hair with black streaks, a rugged dark blue longcoat, a green tank top, brown trousers, black shoes and a dark brown belt.



.Ib and Garry Falling Together 3

Ib hugging Garry in Hell

Garry is a very close friend of Ib and is very protective of her. He's seen fighting alongside her and rescues her from Corset, although he scolds her for doing something so dangerous.

When impaled by Batiatus, Garry tried his best to confort Ib and tell her not to worry, before getting finished off. In Hell, while in the eternal loop of falling onto the spike, Garry was grateful that Ib was there with him, as Ib hugged him, with Garry smiling back.

Madotsuki, Yomika, and Irene Edit

Garry is seen with them, usually tagging along. However, his death at the hands of Batiatus, which was plotted by Wilford Brimley, greatly impacted Irene and caused her to develop scorn towards Wilford.

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