Frollo Strikes Back
"I want you to make a YouTube Poop about me!"






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Release Date

Sep 10, 2011

Frollo Strikes Back is the 2nd episode of The Frollo Show and the 2nd episode in the YouTube Poop style.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Frollo kills Esmeralda via Falcon Slash.

Tommy Wiseau pays Frollo a visit, much to his refusal.

Frollo decides to go visit his Japanese cousin, Jung Frollo, to hang out. He, however, couldn't understand his Japanese and screamed at him.

Frollo visits Know Your Meme, and finds out he is not a meme. After raging and wanting to become a meme, he tells the public to make Frollo YouTube Poops to make him a meme.

Finally, Frollo comments on how glad he is there are no Yume Nikki references. Madotsuki appears, debunking his statement, and an enraged Nostalgia Critic shoots and kills Frollo.


  • Jung Frollo (debut)



  • The opening parodies Seinfeld, down to the theme and logo. The situation, however, is more of a parody of sitcoms altogether. [1]
  • Frollo reenacts the Falcon Punch scene. [2]
  • Jung Frollo uses common Japanese Stereotypes, like the straw hat, talking about honor, eating sushi and watching anime (Lucky Star in this case).
  • "English, Motherfucker, do you speak it?" comes from the 1994 American crime film Pulp Fiction. [3]
  • Frollo was searching for Esmeralda on Google via his computer fire. [4]
  • Know Your Meme is a dictionary website that stores all the memes of the past and present. [5]
  • Again, Frollo throws an over-the-top temper tantrum much like the one in The Room.
  • Frollo pulls the Me Gusta rage face when sneaking up on, and grabbing, Esmeralda. [6]
  • Frollo appears on the Street Fighter battle screen against Cammy, stating he is much more common than the weak, licentious people like her.


  • This video marks the origin of the Cousin characters.
  • Some elements in this episode has nothing involving in the story and is a part of The Frollo Cut.
  • Frollo is now a meme on KnowYourMeme.


Frollo Strikes Back

Frollo Strikes Back

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