Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest
"¡Y en este lado tenemos a Frollo y a Gaston!"







Release Date

Jun 15, 2012

Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest is the 12th episode of The Frollo Show.


Gaston brings to Frollo's House a Nintendo 64, and both he and Frollo play a game of Super Mario 64. Gaston then pulls the game cartridge out causing the game to glitch in a hysterical way that causes the two to laugh. Gaston then does the same thing with a "Universo 64" that appeared outside a TV in a blank white area, with Frollo Show cartridge inserted. This causes Frollo to spaz out while Gaston laughs in amusement. They are then interrupted by a Finnish landlord, who gives Frollo two days to pay, as he's currently out of money. They don't know what to do to earn the money they need, until Bleemo proposes them to enter a Mexican Contest.

Frollo and Gaston introduce themselves in Marco Antonio Regil's contest, but instead of trying to win, they decide to troll the Mexican game host. Marco gets increasingly more angry at this and finally brusts out yelling and attacking Frollo and Gaston. Even the Bros together aren't able to put up a match, and just as Marco is deploying his final attack on them, he is stopped by Ib. 

All of Frollo's friends have come into the rescue, and they proceed to beat up Marco Antonio Regil, with Panty taking the lead. As the game host is defeated, she flies away saying goodbye to Frollo, whose lust for the Angel sister increases.

At the end, it is revealed that Marco has survived the attack, emerging from the debris of the destroyed Soundstage.




  • The entire episode as well as it's opening is a reference to Beavis & Butthead.
  • Frollo and Gaston attempt the infamous "cartridge tilting" glitch while playing Super Mario 64.
  • Frollo and Marco smacking the ball of the people of the Mexican republic back and forth may be a reference to the Ganondorf battle of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.
  • Marco withstanding Gaston's punch references Bayonetta. To top it all off, "You May Call Me Father" is playing in the background, and this song seems to be Marco's leitmotif.
  • Another possible reference to Bayonetta is the "tennis with the ball of Mexicans" reference, based off of Father Balder's "tennis match" with his satellite during his boss fight.


  • The game show shown in this episode is the Mexican version of the American game show Family Feud.


Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest

Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest

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