Frollo's House
"Home sweet home!"


The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)



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Frollo Faps to a Firefighters Calendar

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Frollo Finally Does It

Frollo's House, known as The Palace of Justice in the The Hunchback of Notre Dame, is Frollo and Gaston's residence, with Gaston having moved in sometime after Frollo Reads Mein Kampf. It is a very large building, with an old Gothic style of architecture.


The entrance to the house are two very large doors. They are often seen when various messengers open the door to inform Frollo of some important news. Frollo's main hangout room is also located in this large foyer, as Frollo and Gaston normally watch TV and play games in their fireplace in this room.

Frollo also has his own room, which he had decorated with photos of a scantily clad Panty Anarchy. Other than this and his bed, there is not much else in this room. It is not known whether Gaston has his own room or not.

There is also a kitchen in Frollo's house, which was first seen in Frollo Celebrates his Birthday when Kronk used it to bake his spinach puffs. This room is on the top level of the house, as Hitler was able to break into the room from the roof.

In Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, much of the building is laid to ruin during the battle with Los no Frollos. Many of the windows in the main party room break (which does not seem to be the aforementioned foyer, but another room on the second level of the building), holes in the wall are created as fighters pummel each other, and the main steeple was sliced off by Tommy Wiseau in order to defeat a buffed Corset. A wall is also destroyed by one of Haruhi's inadvertedly summoned Closed Giants.

The house is filled with many secret rooms hidden inside paintings, requiring the password "I like cheese" to gain access to them. Mormon Jesus used that password to get to them when he invaded Frollo's house in Frollo Finally Does It. One of the secret rooms also leads to a game room, which Mormon Jesus vandalized and redesigned into a laboratory.

Frollo's Cousins HomesEdit

Frollo's cousins are shown to live in buildings that at least partially resemble Frollo's House. Hans Frollo used to live in his own German variant of the building before it was destroyed by HitlerAchmed Frollo also used to live in another version, but it was destroyed by Claude Frollo in Frollo Saves The World. The rest of Frollo's Family seem to also live in their own variants of the house (probably with a similar structure), except for Dmitri Frollo, where in Frollo Has a Bad Feeling he is seen living with Stalin in a small cabin during a snowstorm. (This may be Stalin's house, but since Dmitri and Stalin are bros and the bigger residence would be a better place to live, they might not have their own variant.)