The Frollo family tree is Frollo's family, consisting of Frollo and his cousins living in different countries.

Family DescriptionEdit

Every member of the Frollo Family, oddly enough, all look like Claude Frollo (even his mother). With that, every member also possesses powerful pyrokinesis (excluding Dmitri Frollo, who uses cyrokinesis) and teleportation abilities. Each member also lives in a house similar to Frollo's House. Every member, except Frollo, wears a hat related to their nationality. They also speak their native language, though language provides no barrier between them all.

Every member of the family follows a common virtue where they always put family first above all else. Mainly, this involves the members refusing to bring harm to each other and aiding each other in their problems. However, not all members of the family follow these guidelines due to their personality flaws.

Members of Frollo's FamilyEdit

Major family membersEdit

Other family membersEdit

Jung FrolloEdit

Frollo's Japanese cousin, introduced in Frollo Strikes Back. He represents the typical Japanese stereotype, as he wears a conical straw hat, eats (baked) sushi, watches anime.

Claudio FrolloEdit

Frollo's Mexican cousin, also introduced in Frollo Strikes Back. Little is known about him except for the fact that he wears a sombrero, has a moustache, and makes money by selling drugs (implied from a split second message in Frollo Enters a Mexican Contest). It should be noted that he shares the same name as chincherrinas (Claudio).

Patrick FrolloEdit

Frollo's Irish cousin, who wears a green top hat. So far, he was only seen at the end of Frollo Gets AIDS, holding a jug of beer. He represents the stereotype that all Irishmen are drunkards.

Nicholas FrolloEdit

Frollo's North Pole cousin, who appeared at the end of Frollo Sees Dead People to show something Christmas-related. True to his Christmas spirit (and his heritage), he wears a Santa hat.


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