France is a major European country that is the main setting for The Frollo Show.


France is located in Europe along the Atlantic Ocean on the Western side. In Frollo Reads Mein Kampf, the newly revived Hitler attempts to invade France (yet again), but is driven out by Dmitri Frollo. However, Dmitri and Stalin arrive one episode later to take over France, only to have Gaston drive them away with an egg blaster.

Major LocationsEdit


Paris is the capital of France as well as the hometown of Frollo. The city still retains its medieval appearance from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, even though some aspects of modern times appear (OXXO convinient stores). In Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents, The Arabian Bros drop a zombie potion down upon the city, transforming it into CarnEvil, and zombifying all its citizens.

After Wilford Brimley's ascension to godhood, he turned the city into a ghost town, infecting the streets and buildings with Wilford parasites. Seeing it as an opportunity, Mormon Jesus flew to Paris to collect samples of the infection, wanting to fuel his own ambitions.

Frollo's HouseEdit

Frollo's home is located within the heart of the city, where all of Frollo's shenanigans take place.

Gaston's PubEdit

Outside Paris is the small village from Beauty and the Beast, where Gaston's Pub is located. Most of the inhabitants of Paris come to the pub to drink their problems away.