Welcome to the Fanmade Bros Pose Gallery! Here, users can post their own fan-made Bros Pose for all the world to see! Each Bros Pose must meet the following criteria:

  1. Follow the Bros Pose format; two best buds, one on the left hand side giving a thumbs up, while one on the right hand side with his or her arms extended in an excited manner.
  2. Your Bros must be closely related to one another (ex. Frollo and Gaston are YTP Disney villains from France, Jaime Maussan and Haruhi are obsessed with aliens).
  3. Use the provided Bros Pose underneath The Gallery section.
  4. Give a name to the bro/sista group (ex. YUME NIKKI SISTAS) and name the two bros/sistas (ex. Madotsuki and Yomika), along with your username.
  5. Don't be afraid to get creative with your Bros Pose!
  6. Don't delete anybody else's bros pose from the gallery.

Please keep all fanmade images on this page only, as this was created to express the creativity of TFS's fans. Please adhere to the rules or your post might get deleted.

If you need help, use the first fan-made pose provided as a guide.

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