The Führerbunker
The Fuhrerbunker
"It's about time I got out of that claustrophobic place!"





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Frollo Gets AIDS

Latest Appearance

Frollo Has a Bad Feeling

The Führerbunker was an air-raid shelter where Hitler spent the last days of his life before his suicide. This place is how it appeared in Downfall and The Frollo Show, where it serves as Hitler's headquarters.


It was hinted that Hitler retreated back to the bunker after his defeat from Dmitri Frollo. From then on, he remained in his bunker to hide from Stalin and the Russians, who were on the lookout for Hitler. At the same time, Hitler would get informed by his adjutant Günsche, plan some strategies to kill Fegelein, or just get annoyed by his incompetent officers.

In Frollo Has a Bad FeelingHades freed Hitler from the bunker by blasting away the entrance, and the dictator joined Los no Frollos. Hitler states that he was cramped up inside the bunker for so long, that "[he] couldn't last one more second down there".


Very little of the Führerbunker is shown outside of the exterior and a few rooms. The most common rooms to appear are the conference room and Hitler's office.

The conference room is the room where Hitler and his men discuss tactics. There is a world map on the wall, a map of Germany on the table in the middle of the room, and two wall light fixtures. Hitler is the only one seen sitting while the others have to stand.

Hitler's office contains two file cabinets, a desk, and a few chairs. A table lamp, a film projector, bronze statues of a human and an eagle, a globe, and a table clock can be seen.