Edmond Honda
E. Honda
"Almost have it!"


Street Fighter cartoon (1995)



Power Level



Neutral (so far)

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Dee Jay

First Appearance

Leet Fighters Ep. 3: Screwing School

Latest Appearance

Leet Fighters Ep. 6: Daring Death

Originally Voiced by

Paul Dobson


Alive (Imprisoned)

Edmond Honda is a sumo wrestler character from the Capcom fighting game series Street Fighter and the cartoon based on said series, appearing in Leet Fighters as one of Guile and M. Bison's enemies.


Honda is very intelligent, whether it comes to school or computer hacking. His true motives for his rivalry with Guile and Bison are unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Honda, as an experienced sumo wrestler, uses the common sumo techniques such as the multi-hitting hand slap. He can use his Sumo Smash ability to crush opponents.


Honda is a very large Japanese sumo wrestler with brown hair; his face is painted in the kumadori style of makeup. He dresses in a loincloth and sometimes, long pants.


Dee JayEdit

Dee Jay is Honda's bro, as both work together to defeat their enemies. Their high level of intelligence helps them cooperate with each other.

Guile and M. BisonEdit

Honda steals Guile's lunch money like a stereotypical school bully, earning dislike from the colonel. The relationship worsens during Guile and Bison's trip to Japan, as after Guile (and Mephiles) defeated him and Dee Jay in a game show, Honda rigs a computer to lure Bison into a death trap.

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