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"The russians kill Hitler once again!"


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Frollo Reads Mein Kampf

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Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

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Dmitri Frollo is the Russian cousin of Frollo, debuting as a villain in The Frollo Show.


Dmitri Frollo seems to be "one of the state" and an honorable servant to Stalin. He is cold and hard, showing his slaves no mercy and forcing them to do difficult labor.

Apparently he can also be reckless and careless in battle, which is what leads to his downfall when he attacks a supposedly "vulnerable" Frollo despite the advice of Hans Frollo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dmitri has been shown with the ability to teleport, much like the rest of his cousins. Unlike his other cousins, who use pyrokinesis, Dmitri has access to cryokinesis (manipulation of ice and cold). The reason is that his homeland is in Russia, which is known for its frosty weather.

He was also seen wielding a hammer and sickle during Operation: Flashy Fight.

Dmitri seems to be more powerful than his French cousin, as he is able to effortlessly overpower Hitler, who Frollo and Gaston were unable to defeat. However, it is possible his ice affinity leaves him vulnerable to fire, as he meets his end when he comes too close to Bleemo as he radiates scorching heat.


Dmitri has the exact same appearance as Frollo with the addition of a ushanka.



Dmitri Frollo is a loyal servant to Stalin, as he possibly preserved his corpse before reanimating him. Unlike Hitler and Hans Frollo, Stalin shows no sign of disrespect towards his most trusted minion. They are bros, even.


Alongside Stalin, Dmitri made Hitler and Nazis to be major enemies of the communists. Later, when Hitler and Stalin meet, the communists and Hitler set aside their disputes and work together as members of Los no Frollos.


Gaston was the one who drove away the communists using the Egg Blaster, and as such, could very be Dmitri's most hated foe. Getting revenge on Gaston may be the reason Dmitri joined the Los no Frollos to begin with. This is further evidenced by his flashback of that event during Frollo Has a Bad Feeling.


Dmitri Frollo seems to have a grudge against his French cousin, as he and Stalin try to conquer France and enslave its people. He does save Frollo from Hitler, though this could be out of loyalty to the (former) Soviet Union, and Dmitri wanted to conquer France without Hitler trying to stop him.

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