Dee Jay
Dee Jay
"It's not over, Colonel!"


Street Fighter cartoon (1995)



Power Level



Neutral (so far)

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

E. Honda

First Appearance

Leet Fighters Ep. 3: Screwing School

Latest Appearance

Leet Fighters Ep. 6: Daring Death

Originally Voiced by

Paul Dobson


Alive (Imprisoned)

Dee Jay is a character from the Street Fighter series and the cartoon based on said series, appearing in Leet Fighters as one of Guile and Bison's enemies.


Dee Jay is highly intelligent for being the typical school bully. It's unclear what his motives are for his rivalry with Guile and Bison.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dee Jay can shoot energy blasts known as "Air Slasher". He can also "shrink", though the proper use for it is unknown.


Dee Jay is a muscular dark-skinned Jamaican with dark hair with the word "MAXIMUM" printed on it. He wears orange pants and red fingerless gloves.


E. HondaEdit

Dee Jay is commonly hanging around Honda, making them the best of bros. Their true relationship is unknown.

Guile and BisonEdit

Being the stereotypical school bully, Dee Jay takes Guile's lunch money for no reason, earning some dislike from the colonel. It doesn't get better during Guile and Bison's trip to Japan, as when Guile (and Mephiles) beat him and Honda in the game show, Dee Jay and Honda rig a computer to lure Bison into a death trap in response.

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