Characters that participated in at least one game show in Leet Fighters. Conflictive Contest (episode 5) features characters that appeared in the Japanese game show, and Mojado Mexican (episode 7) involves a game show with one (or two) character(s) as the master and the other as the maid.

List of CharactersEdit

Leet Fighters 5Edit

  • Team Oz (Best Leo and Scarecrow)
  • Team Fortress (Heavy and Spy)
  • Team Downfall (Burgdorf and Günsche)
  • Team '06 ('06 Sonic and Bomberman)
  • Team Perfect English (Peña Nieto and Lopez Doriga)
  • Team ... (Pyron and Anakaris)
  • Team Mega (Dr. Wily and Proto Man)
  • Team Myers (Austin Powers and Dr. Evil)
  • Team Confliction (Demitri and Morrigan)
  • Team Oblivion (RoboCop and New Hercules)
  • Team Pedo (I.M. Meen and Dr. Rabbit)
  • Team Marketing (Billy Mays and Morshu)
  • Team Cobra (Destro and Cobra Commander)
  • Team RPG Horror (Ib and Viola)
  • Team Dark Fighters (Guile and Mephiles)
  • Team ... (Dee Jay and E. Honda)

Leet Fighters 7Edit