In fiction, character alignment is a shorthand for a character's moral/ethical outlook on life and the universe. This is the same regarding the characters of The Frollo Show, with each character having a different outlook towards society and rules.

Note: As character personalities are open to interpret and subject to change through character development, characters should only be categorized when their alignments are explicitly stated by Chincherrinas himself.

Good alignments Edit

Lawful Good Edit

Lawful Good believe in truth and justice, usually having idealistic personalities, but may be a little too idealistic. Many of them have honor and compassion.

Characters in the Lawful Good alignment: Edit

Neutral Good Edit

Neutral Good characters have the sense of doing good being more important than upholding the law. While they are concerned with moral goodness, they're not willing to enforce it on others.

Characters in the Neutral Good alignment: Edit

Chaotic Good Edit

Chaotic Good characters are rebellious and free-spirited, hardly caring about order or discipline when doing good. Usually, they act on their ideals before they let laws get in the way.

Characters in the Chaotic Good alignment: Edit

Neutral alignments Edit

Lawful Neutral Edit

Lawful Neutral characters are the rule-abiding sort, thinking that law and justice are more important than being good or evil. They believe in keeping order, though not necessarily in justice.

Characters in the Lawful Neutral alignment: Edit

True Neutral Edit

The neutral-neutral sort, True Neutral characters can either be keeping the balance or simple bystanders. The former may sometimes be characters that don't know the difference, and the latter may be characters that prefer to be alone.

Characters in the True Neutral alignment: Edit

Chaotic Neutral Edit

The ultimate free spirits, Chaotic Neutral characters care all about freedom and don't care about morality. Sometimes they can be amoral nutjobs, and sometimes they are good people with a wild streak that leads them into bad things.

Characters in the Chaotic Neutral alignment: Edit

Evil alignmentsEdit

Lawful EvilEdit

The orderly structure of evil, Lawful Evil characters are well-structured and large-scale evil that believe in keeping order at all costs. This morality combines honor with dedicated self-interest, and villains in this alignment may be dependable allies in certain situations.

Characters in the Lawful Evil alignment:Edit

Neutral EvilEdit

Neutral Evil characters are primarily in it for themselves, being mostly selfish people. They will ally with anybody as long as it fuels their own interests.

Characters in the Neutral Evil alignment:Edit

Chaotic EvilEdit

The truly evil free spirit, Chaotic Evil characters do whatever they want to, regardless of rules. Instead, they take pleasure of breaking the law. Most of them are evil for profit, narcissism, or egotism. While some villains in this alignment desire in mindless slaughter and chaos, the more calculating type are the most dangerous.

Characters in the Chaotic Evil alignment:Edit