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Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

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Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

CarnEvil is the demonic zombie filled corruption of Paris based off the game of the same name, and the main setting of Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents.


This world was created by Yzma in an ultra hard-to-make potion used by The Arabian Bros in an act of terrorism. When Gwonam dropped the potion onto the city, demonic carnival attractions arose from the city and most of its inhabitants were turned into brainless Zombie minions.

Major LocationsEdit

Rickety TownEdit

One of the major areas of CarnEvil is Rickety Town, which is majorly an attraction area. This area includes many snack stands/lunch spots, a Gar[a]ge which holds bumper cars, a Christmas-themed roller coaster named "Slay Ride", and ultimately a Santa Claus-like Eldritch Abomination known as Krampus.

Freak ShowEdit

The Freak Show is an unnerving area of CarnEvil where most of the hideous creatures lay hidden. Many odd creatures are fought here, like Eyeclops and Junior. It is here where Panty Anarchy and Gaston are turned into zombies and where Ayumu Aikawa comes to help out Frollo.

Haunted HouseEdit

Not too much of the Haunted House is seen due to Frollo blatantly cheating via GameShark, though the area is very reminiscent of any other horror-area. Here, Frollo and Ayumu fight Evil Marie.

The Big TopEdit

The Big Top is the control center of all of CarnEvil. It can be pointed out by a huge sign with Achmed Frollo and Yusuf Gaston doing The Bros Pose, labeled "SECRET LAIR". Apparently, admission is also required for entry. Somewhere in the tent is the area where The Arabian Bros hand around, and where Jafar tries to hook up with a zombified Panty. The main area of the tent is wide, and underneath it is the huge Zeppelin. Ronald McDonald lurks around here.

The ZeppelinEdit

The Zeppelin, also known in the game as Tökkentäkker's Airship, is the huge zeppelin that The Arabian Bros pilot to hopefully spread the zombie chemical across the world. The zeppelin is the area where the second half of FBUER takes place (second half of part 3-part 5).