• JMitch25

    I made a meme.

    December 29, 2016 by JMitch25
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  • Powerpufffanboynumber1
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  • Cpend7

    In Know Your Meme I add this Entry to make TFS for Help you Guy's to make a new Entry to help at the Frollo Show.

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  • Shinnest

    I like "The Frollo Show" very much. My favorite part of it is that after Frollo and Gaston and LeFou and Hans Frollo lands on his home and Wilford Brimley moves out of the way, he gets up and says 'This show is mine.' Wilford Brimley says 'Mine'. They both said 'Mine' in the argument until Wilford Brimley's eye glow red and pushed Frollo to the wall.

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  • TheAudio

    Leet Fighters articles

    November 21, 2013 by TheAudio

    I believe that adding articles for stuff that happens in Leet Fighters are also fair play. And it doesn't go against the Rurus. With that in mind, I created Nicolas Cage's article. 

    I post this to see what you guys think.

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  • TheAudio

    It's a Fact!

    August 19, 2013 by TheAudio

    So you may know by now that Chincherrinas made a TFS account on Twitter.

    And one of the brand new features exclusive to this account is the "It's a Fact!" segments!

    Hosted by the beloved Hitler, these new series will bring us some interesting trivia about our favorite show!

    First installment can be found here.

    Hopefully, there will be a lot more info to add to the wiki!


    And don't forget to follow TFS on Twitter!

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  • ShadBad88

    Well, it seems as if the newest episode of The Frollo Show has finally been unveiled. And holy fucking shit was it worth the long wait. Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita was just... I don't want to spoil too much, but there are so many deaths its like if JK Rowling, Geroge RR Martin, and Andrew Hussie directed the whole battle.

    Anyways, onto wiki business. There are a couple of things I feel should be added to our wiki;

    • When adding FGFBAGL related information, please add this character nav to the bottom; (remove spaces) { { Character Nav } }. If you feel there should be an edit to the nav, go to this page; Template:CharacterNav
    • Also, in the near future, I feel that two new sections should be added to character pages (preferably near the …
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  • Alucard si Britannia

    I figured I'd write this because I had an idea for an episode that I thought was kind of cool and worth sharing. I'll probably add more as I get inspired by stuff.

    • Frollo has to teach Panty and Stocking the English language. Since there was already that alphabet scene in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the English dub for Panty and Stocking is available, it might be a good use of chincherras' sentence mixing skills that have already been proven throughout the series.
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