Billy Mays
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Frollo Gets AIDS

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Frollo Finally Does It (The PITy Story)



William Darrell "Billy" Mays Jr. was a famous infomercial pitchman well-known for endorsing products like Oxi Clean and Kaboom. He appears as an ally in The Frollo Show.


Billy Mays is loud and proud, and he knows it. He's also optimistic, reversing the most depressing moments.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

On his left arm, Billy Mays has a magnetic arm band holding various tools called the Tool Band-It, which can reverse a depressing moment in no time. It's also hinted that he redesigned Bleemo to sell him to a certain fire enthusiast that could treat him well.


Billy Mays has brown hair and a brown mustache and beard. His attire consists of a blue shirt and tan pants.


Mormon JesusEdit

Billy Mays was one of Mormon Jesus' test subjects to be infected with Wilford parasites. After he was freed, Billy Mays attacked him in retaliation.


According to data scanned by Mormon Jesus, Billy Mays saw Bleemo at a high-tech facility producing his kind screaming and wishing for death. Disgusted at the facility's treatment to him, Billy Mays took him from the facility with teamwork. He later searched for a fire enthusiast that could treat Bleemo with care until he stumbled upon Frollo.

Trivia Edit

  • He appeared as a playable character in Smash Bros Lawl. Using the power of The Frollo Twitter, Chincherrinas was able to send the moveset video to Billy Mays's surviving son, Billy Mays III. He replied to it saying that he loved the video and asked if he could add it to Where's Billy Mays? (now website, which Chincherrinas gladly allowed.
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