Ayumu Aikawa
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Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka?/Is This a Zombie? (2011)



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First Appearance

Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents

Latest Appearance

Frollo Finally Does It

Originally Voiced by

Junji Majima


Alive (obviously)

Ayumu Aikawa is the main character in the anime Is This a Zombie?. He appears in The Frollo Show as an ally.


Ayumu is a zombie that is most of the time sarcastic, somewhat cowardly and actually pretty normal. He usually chickens out from encountering clowns. Ayumu usually is accident prone in The Frollo Show.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ayumu has many abilities that zombie should have, such as immortality and super strength. He is also (despite being a boy) a Mahou Shoujo (magical girl), and can use some magical abilities. His abilities include the 1000% Mystletainn Mahou-Shoujo Form, Black Mist and Lilia's Curse. He also can handle firearms quite well. His signature ability is the "Mystletainn Kick", which is puzzlingly not a kick at all but a chainsaw strike.

When he exploded by Wilford's arrow, he was able to reconstruct himself, albeit quite a while later.

Being a zombie, he is apparently cripplingly weak against clowns, such as Umlaut and Ronald McDonald, and is deathly afraid of such opponents.


Ayumu is 16-years-old and has mid-length gray-purple hair. He usually wears his school uniform such as a white collared shirt and brown jeans. In his Mahou Shoujo form, he is forced (which looks really hot) to wear a sexy frilly dress typical of magical girls.



Ayumu was Frollo's partner and friend in the Frollo Beats Up Evil Residents saga. They both try to survive the zombie raid and defeat the people that caused it, however Ayumu chickens out when they went up against Umlaut, due to his weakness against clowns. They are still friends though as Ayumu fought for him in Frollo Enters A Mexican Contest and attended his party in Frollo Has A Bad Feeling.

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