Achmed Frollo
Beata Allah... You know I hate the Americans,


The Frollo Show



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Los no Frollos, The Arabian Bros

Bro(s) / Sista(s)

Yusuf Gaston, Jafar, Gwonam

First Appearance

Frollo Saves The World

Latest Appearance

Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita

Originally Dubbed by

Samir Al-Banna



Achmed Frollo is the Arabian Cousin of Frollo, and one of the major villains in The Frollo Show. He is also the leader of The Arabian Bros.


Achmed is very bashful, even to his own kin on occasion. His hate for the Americans and Frollo are extremely deep. His priorities, however, aren't fully in check, considering he and his group played Mario Kart 64 before actually doing something threatening. He seems to take the role of criminal mastermind, considering he deals with the planning for the Arabian Bros.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like the rest of the Frollo Family, Achmed can teleport and, presumably, use powerful pyro kinesis. Instead of a claymore, he wields a scimitar for head-on combat. He also has access to nukes, hijacked planes, and other weapons of mass destruction. However, he doesn't do much fighting, fulfilling the role of the mastermind.


Achmed looks exactly identical to Frollo; however, he wears a white keffiyeh at all times. When sending hostage videos, he and his clan dress entirely in black to conceal their identities.


Yusuf GastonEdit

Yusuf is Achmed's bro, much like Frollo and Gaston. While they hadn't met before Frollo Tries to Get Laid, they soon bonded and became the best of bros. So close, in fact, that he was deeply saddened when Frollo killed Yusuf.

Jafar and GwonamEdit

Jafar and Gwonam are two of Achmed's closest allies. While Gwonam provided transportation, Jafar helped fight Achmed's battles, mainly against Frollo in the FBUER saga. Achmed does get creeped out when Jafar hits on a zombified Panty, though.


Achmed seems to be on good terms with Yzma. She has helped Achmed by brewing countless potions for their terroristic plans. The zombie outbreak potion and the youth potion were all Yzma's workings. He even recommended for her to join Los no Frollos due to her kick ass potions.

Mama LuftiEdit

Mama Lufti praises Achmed Frollo and wants to join his terrorist band. In response, Achmed Frollo calls Lufti a racially insensitive character, leading Mama Lufti to take down the organization.


Frollo is Achmed's French cousin, as well as his biggest rival. The whole rivalry began when Frollo stopped him from nuking the United States, killing him in the process. While Achmed and Claude are still family, they are close enemies. Knowing they are family, Achmed tried persuading Frollo to join the team, only to get rejected.

Dmitri Frollo and Hans FrolloEdit

Dmitri and Hans are both the Russian and German cousins in the Frollo Family. Considering they're all family, they get along perfectly well. The three eventually join Los no Frollos to band together against Frollo.

Los no FrollosEdit

The Arabian Bros joined Los no Frollos with the common goal of defeating Frollo. He seems to get along just fine with the other members.

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